Saturday, May 3, 2008

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Friday Jan 11, 2008

A bit on faxing IN/OUT of drops:

You can now fax documents directly into and directly out of your drop, for free.

No more fax machines, or expensive online fax services. Faxing just shouldn’t be that hard - and it should be free. With it is both easy and free.

To send a fax from your drop to a recipient:

1. Click on ‘send' and then select 'fax' next to any document (.doc) or PDF
2. Enter the 10 digit fax number of the recipient (our service is US only)
3. Your fax is sent, end of story

Note: you can only fax out documents up to 20 pages.. Certain word documents with embedded charts, or other OLE objects PDF files made with Postscript 3 will not work.


To receive a fax into your drop:

1. Go to your drop and click ‘receive a fax’
2. Email the cover sheet to the person sending the fax to your drop OR click ‘this coversheet’ and send the custom cover sheet to the person sending the fax
3. The sender must put the cover-page on top of the fax.
4. The fax will appear in your drop as a .PDF

Note: So, the basic idea, to fax a document into a drop you must use the drop’s custom ‘cover page’ – give the cover page to the fax sender and you are in good shape (email it to them, print it and send it to them, whatever you want)

If you are having trouble please make sure that the sending fax is set on 'high' resolution. Faxes sent with very low resolution will not work.

If you find bugs please email us at with details… Yet another ‘input’/’output’ from your friendly neighborhood

Fri 11 Jan 2008 - 11:24 AM