Friday, July 3, 2009

If you come across a symbol or a sign...

Excerpted from a recent post I received in my daily mix of RSS subscriptions, 

from the folks at MAKE USE OF DOT COM

If you come across a symbol or a sign and don’t know what it means, head straight to It is a web resource where you can easily look up symbols and read their meanings. The site currently lists around 2500 western (modern and ancient) symbols organized in 54 categories.

There are four ways you can search for symbols:

  1. Simple keyword search.
  2. Use graphic index tool that searches symbols based on symmetry, shape and crossing lines.
  3. Use word index to find a symbol with a certain meaning.
  4. Check out a random sign.

lookup symbols

symbols and meanings

You can also buy a book, which features everything you can find at plus an additional 100 pages of in-depth articles about symbols and ideograms.


  • Check out symbols and meanings.
  • Search and browse symbols randomly.
  • Contains  more than 1,600 articles about 2,500 western signs.
  • The Book version of website can be also purchased.
  • The site is free and no sign up.

Check out Symbols @