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How To Transfer Music From Your PC To...

How To Transfer Music From Your PC To Your PSP

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 09:01 AM PDT

psp_musicThe PSP isn’t just a handheld gaming console. You can use it to watch movies, browse the internet, or even read your RSS feeds.

Listening to music on your PSP is as easy as on any mp3 player – plus you’ve got a whole arsenal of settings and a great visualizer to play with.

The only worry you (might) have is how to transfer music from your PC to your PSP.  In this short tutorial, we’ll explain you in detail how you do this. It’s actually quite easy.

How Do I Transfer Music From My PC to My PSP?

First of all, plug the USB cable into the back of your device. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a big enough memory stick, unless you’re satisfied with two or three CD’s. If you’re talking gigabytes you’re usually in the ok zone, but as always, ‘the bigger the better’.

Next, go to and select Settings – USB Connection on your PSP. Your device will now try to connect, and should show up on your computer.


Open the PSP folder in your ROOT (the lowest lowest level in the hierarchy, encompassing all other directories) – if there isn’t one, create it now.

In the PSP folder, open the Music folder. Again, if there isn’t one, you can create it now.


This is where you’ll be putting your music. Your PSP’s music player will recognize any files as long as they’re somewhere in this directory, but for practical purposes, you might want to create a hierarchy of artists and albums. Only one folder level is allowed beyond the Music folder. Any further subdivisions will be ignored.


Back on your PSP, go to Music to browse your music. Currently, you’re able to playback ATRAC3plus-, MP3-, WAV- and WMA-files. If your files are in any other format, you’ll have to convert them.

If you want to listen to WMA files, you’ll need a network connection. Go to Settings – System Settings – Enable WMA Playback – you’ll need to sign a user agreement and follow the on-screen instructions.

Alternatively, you can use an adapter to directly connect your memory stick with your PC. From then on, the tutorial will remain the same.

You now know how to transfer music from your PC to your PSP. You can usually configure your local music management application to do this for you. If you’ve got anything to say, or a question you need to ask, drop a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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