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ow to Use CYDIA

ow to Use CYDIA

Cydia is the new and improved source for all your third party apps not found in the AppStore or regular iPhone. Over 500 applications and extras for download - free of charge!

Below is all you need to get the most out of Cydia and its features:

1. Click on the new Cydia icon on your Springboard.


Wait patiently while it loads all sources and takes you to the welcome screen.

2. Upgrade Cydia (if required)

From here if you haven’t run Cydia in a while, or this is your first time running, you may get a notice about ‘Essential upgrades’. These are upgrades to the Cydia application itself that may be required for installing new packages and apps:

  • Press "Upgrade Essential"
  • Press Confirm to begin the download and install
  • Wait for Complete and press Close Window
  • Press the home key, and then re-open Cydia to continue



NOTE: After installing essential upgrades, it’s always a good idea to restart Cydia to make sure the new packages are reloaded. Repeat Step 1 to open Cydia again (though you probably already guessed that).

3. Update Applications

If you’ve installed applications previously you may see a numbered notification next to the “Changes” menu. This indicates that there are updates available for currently installed applications. For our walkthrough I’ll update the NES emulator I downloaded a couple of days ago.

To update applications:

  • Press Changes
  • Press Upgrade All (#) [top right of screen]
  • Press Confirm to begin download and installation


You’ll notice on the last shot that NES has disappeared from the list and the notification
(red 1) on the changes option has been removed.

NOTE: Changes also contains applications that have recently been added or changed, this is a good place to go to find new applications on a regular basis.

4. Installing New Applications

Let’s install something new. I love Pac-Man, and it just so happens that the developer of Mac-Man, a great Pac-Man clone, is available on Cydia under the games category.

To install an application:

  • Press Install [on the bottom]
  • Browse through categories to Games
  • Press Macman
  • Press Install on top right
  • Press Confirm to begin the download and installation



You will see it run through a series of steps . . . Downloading . . . Preparing . . . Complete.

  • Press Close Window

Now Macman is successfully installed, you should be able to hit your home key, wait for your homescreen to refresh, and a tempting new Macman icon will be waiting for you.

Let’s go eat some ghosts!



5. Removing or Reinstalling Applications

Ok, so now you have an application installed, but you don’t really want to play it anymore. Removing it is as simple as a few taps:

  • Open Cydia again
  • Press Manage
  • Scroll and find Macman
  • Press Macman
  • Press Modify [top right of the screen]
  • Press Remove (you could reinstall if you were having issues with the application, like it wouldn’t start)
  • Press Confirm to begin removing the app
  • Once you see Complete, press home and the Macman icon should be gone



6. Searching for Applications

One of my favorite features of Cydia is Searching.

I can find an app without having to go through countless categories because I can’t remember where it was located:

  • Press Search
  • Type part of the application name or description in the search box at top

The list is filtered as you type, and all matching applications are shown. Select one to install and follow step 4 above.


Check the Changes section in Cydia daily for updates. New applications are always being added and updated.

Check Out Our Cool Cydia Applications for More Fun Apps To Download!


             Cool CYDIA Applications for Download


MiM (Make it Mine) 
MiM lets you customize the carrier name on the top left of the phone. Change it to anything you want. Make it say Verizon. Make it say your name. Heck make it say anything you want!

SpoofID is a funny app that lets you fake your caller ID and change your voice to sound like either a male or female's voice. Imagine all the endless pranks you can pull on your friend with this app.

This powerful app let's you send Picture Messaging. Yes thats right, MMS. The only thing is that they give you a two week free trial and after that you have to obtain a license for the app which i believe is only like $8.

Now with this cool app you have a copy and paste function on your iphone.

This app make it easier to text because it adds a vibrating feedback function to your keyboard so it feels like you're typing on real buttons.

Change the font on your iphone. give it a different look.

Tired of seeing that apple logo everytime your phone boots or turns on? With this app load any picture from the web or your photo gallery to make your own boot logo.

Embarrass your friends with the most outrageous fart machine for the iphone. With 5 funny fart sounds, the laughs are sure to come!

iRealSMS 2.0
Full Landscape Mode for all your text messaging needs.

This app lets to tether your iphone's internet to your laptop via wifi so you can use your laptop to browse the web through your iphone's internet..


  How to Use Cycorder


Cycorder is a Video Recorder for your iPhone. This is a powerful app that lets you record at least 5 hours of video and sound. Very good video quality. .


The only real functionality for Cycorder at present is simply this: clear, seamless video. It encodes immediately, so there is no significant wait time as compared with iPhone Video Recorder. You point, click on the round record button icon, and when finished, click it again. Your video is there to view in a list, immediately. It is also labeled clearly and without confusion.

To begin recording just tap on the little round icon down on the bottom of the screen. It will then turn red which means recording has started. Just tap on the icon again to stop recording.

Just tap on the upside down arrow on the lower left side of the screen and it will bring you to a list of all your recordings. There are no other features at present. Pressing the edit button simply allows you to delete the video. You can SSH into the iPhone to grab your video, but there is no interface to share or export your video from the phone.


  • Audio
  • Colorized Navigation Buttons
  • TV-Out Supported Playback
  • No Autolock when recording

One nifty feature of Cycorder now is that if you exit the app while recording (pressing the home button), it will continue recording! This allows you to check on email or whatever while it is recording in the background!


Cycorder records in .mov format at 7-15 fps. The result is exceptionally clear video.

Cycorder is very easy to use and will bring the most out of your iPhone. Enjoy!!!


        How to Use dTunes

 Dtunes is kind of like iTunes but FREE (Sort of like Limewire). It lets you download free music. As long as you have WiFi or internet access download all the free music you want. First step is to open up Dtunes on your iphone.

On the bottom of the screen you will see browse, media player, torrents, search, and settings. Select the Search option.


Now it will take you to a site called beemp3 where you will begin to download all the songs you like for FREE!

Type in and song or artist you like in the search bar. For example i typed in Green Day. As soon as you are done press GO.

Now it will take you to a list of all the songs that corresponds to Green Day. Now just select any song you like. Just select any file name that has mp3 right after it. In this case i will select the song Day after Day.

Now you will see this on the next page. Notice it telling you to enter in a code which is those funny letters inside the box on the left.

Just enter in the code inside the small little yellow box. In this instance, the code is ZGG. Press go when you are done.

Now you will see the little green arrow pointing down with the song name next to it. Just click on that.

Now you will see two options. Download or play in media player. Just select download. Let the song download all the way.

When it is finished. Just go to the little folder on the bottom left corner of your screen. You will see the song you just downloaded there. Just select your song and enjoy!

Note: These songs will be located in your Dtunes media player and not your iTunes media player.


        How to Use Ringtones

 Ringtones is a really cool app that lets you create your own ringtones with the songs you already have in your iphone. Note: In order for this to work you have to have your own music on the iphone. You can sync your own music using iTunes.

Upon opening Ringtones, just select Start converting.


Now it will take you to a list of your music library. For our tutorial i will select Linkin Park.

After you select your song it will give you a couple of choices. Quick conversion is easy but it will only take the beginning of the song and make it into a ringtone. We will choose Advanced conversion where you can select where you want your ringtone to start and stop.

Move the cursor to where you want your ringtone to start. Select next when you are done.

Move your cursor again where you want your ringtone to end. Select next when you are done.

Now on the next page select Build Preview.

Now wait while it converts your ringtone. It might take a couple of minutes.

When it is done it will let you preview the ringtone. If you like it, just select Sounds good, Convert it! When that is done just go to your iphone sounds settings and your new ringtone is there.