Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Free Music Resource: MusicLink

Another Free Music Resource:  MusicLink

MusicLink: Listen To Complete Albums Before Buying

this tip on MusicLink from the folks at make use of dot com

You love a particular song in an album but you don’t want to spend money on it just yet. There are sites that let you preview all the songs in an album for 20-30 seconds but thats hardly enough to make a buying decision. Meet MusicLink, a tool that lets you listen to complete albums before you make a decision to buy it.
Powered by GrooveShark and Amazon , MusicLink makes it easy to search for albums based on album name or artist’s name. A widget then displays all the tracks included in that particular album and lets you listen to them without any interruptions or commercials. Once you are satisfied, just click on the Amazon link to purchase the album.
You can also browse through albums that other users listen to the most.
  • Listen to complete albums online before you buy.
  • Powered by GrooveShark.
  • Browse through most popular or random albums.
  • No registration required.

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