Thursday, May 13, 2010

Excerpted from my daily feeds this co...

Excerpted from my daily feeds this courtesy of Make use of Dot Com.   

synopsis :great resources (make use of dot com) tips you to great resources , in this case check out the auto respond service that can alert folks that are sending you text msgs via sms that you cant be bothered at the moment 

Don’t Text Me: Auto Reply Text Messages While You Are Busy

Whenever we are signed into our instant messaging client and are busy with some other program or task, we set our instant messaging status as “busy” to indicate that we should not be disturbed. Until now there was no equivalent feature for cellphone users. But “Don’t Text Me” changes that.

auto reply text messages

Don’t Text Me is a nifty application for iDevices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad) that, after getting a tap from you, sends your contacts a auto reply text messages telling them that you are busy
(driving, in a meeting, in class, or out for dinner) and should not be disturbed with text messages at the moment.

Users who are easily distracted by text messages (drivers in particular) will find this tool very helpful. You can also  control whom not to send the “busy” message to by sending it to a group of contacts rather than our entire phonebook.

iPod and iPad users can use Don’t Text Me because it uses WiFi. Messages are to contacts in the U.S. only.

auto reply text messages


  • Reduces the chance of you being disturbed by text messages.
  • Has more than one message option to choose from i.e. multiple messages can be set to be sent later.
  • Users can specify which group of contacts to send the message to.
  • In addition to iPhone, it works on iPod Touch and iPad as well.

Download Don’t Text Me iPhone app from iTunes App Store