Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Microsoft FixIt: Quick, Microsoft Aut...


Microsoft FixIt: Quick, Microsoft Automated Fixes For Windows Systems

Excerpted from my daily feeds this item from the folks at make use of dot com

Windows systems break. A lot. It’s the nature of a platform that supports a wide variety 0f hardware, not to mention including 20-plus years of reverse compatibility. But that doesn’t make it any less painful to deal with Windows crashing.

Enter Microsoft FixIt, an easy-to-use program that aims to be an automated IT guy.Using the program is easy: just download and install it. Your system will be scanned, and FixIt will provide you with a list of problems common on computers like yours. If any of the problems shown are ones you’re having, all you need to solve your issue is to click.

microsoft automated fixes

Of course, professional IT guys need not worry about being replaced by this tool anytime soon: it doesn’t address any and all problems. But it does address quite a few, so if you’ve got a problem you just can’t seem to solve FixIt is worth checking out. You’ll be amazed how quickly this tool can deal with the problems it knows how to. Microsoft says new solutions will be added to the program regularly, so if it doesn’t solve your issue now it just might later.


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